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Syed Zoohair Akhtar is One Man Show In Tape Ball Cricket

Syed Zoohair Akhtar is One Man Show In Tape Ball Cricket, He is one of the best batsman in Tape Ball Cricket, His favorite area leg side and long on, where he loves to play more & hit miles away for Maximum six.

Syed Zoohair Akhtar is also known as Zoya for a nicknames in Cricket, This name is called by his teammate and all his fans, whom love to watch his batting.

We have seen him recently on this Saturday¬† 3rd October in the one of the biggest league of Tape Cricket “All Karachi Tape League, Organized by the skipper of Asian Sports Aqib Khan.

8 teams were participated in this league, it was based on knocked out, There were all big teams participated such as (Asian Sports, Nafees Sports, Marhaba Sports, Defence 11, Metroville Sports etc.)

Syed Zoohair Akhtar played out standing inning in this overall matches of this event, where he batted amazingly in the semi final against Marhaba Sports.

He has scored almost 64 runs in that match to get close to the match against Marhaba sports. But in the last ball of last over the bowler did very well as picked right off side yorker Syed Zoohair Akhtar could not middle it very well but Marhaba Sports won by 1 run.

Syed Zoohair Akhtar is not only famous in cricket, but also one of the best Tik Toker of Orangi Town, he said that he loves to make videos on different content.



Orangi.PK Team
Orangi.PK Team
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